The Plague Is Spreading

If you’ve read Plaguewalker, thank you (and thanks to those of you, friends as well as several strangers, who’ve left such thoughtful reviews on Amazon and GoodReads).

You’ll know, then, that Marcus is a man of few words, a practical man and also, perhaps more than anything, a man often puzzled by basic human interaction. The notion of befriending someone, or even simply engaging in pleasant conversation, flummoxes him. He is also an honest man, often brutally so. He would be hopeless in politics, advertising or, it must be said, stand-up comedy.

I admit feeling a bit like Marcus when it comes to marketing his story. Dutifully following the guidance of various indie publishing bloggers, I joined assorted indie publishing groups and posted on a number of indie publishing boards, despite feeling that, generally speaking, the experience was like being in a room full of preschoolers when Santa made a surprise visit, all of us shouting what we wanted (“read my book!”) and none of us listening to each other. (I did meet a couple interesting fellow authors, but more by chance than part of any organized campaign.)

I also had a number of messages from fellow indie authors who told me if I gave their book a five-star review they’d give mine one, too. The lack of punctuation and indifference to grammar in some of these emails alone gave me pause. (I’m no saint when it comes to perfect English, but at least I try. When you spell the title–the title–of your book three different ways in a single paragraph, I seriously question your commitment to the craft.)

So I’m trying something new, and that might be how you found your way here: advertising. If you’ve landed here via Facebook or my travel blog, Stories That Are True, or the smattering of newspaper and magazine articles about me, welcome. Here’s the deal. Plaguewalker is a dark but ultimately redemptive historical novel set in fourteenth century Bavaria. You can read the first chapter for free or download the first 20% or so, also for free, onto your Kindle or iPad through Amazon as a sample.

You can also read one of my previous posts on this blog that covers a little bit of my inspiration for the novel.

I hope that you’re interested enough to check out the book in eBook (Kindle or Nook) or paperback format and that, if you do, you enjoy reading it. It’s not for everyone, but I believe it’s a good story. A highly biased opinion, yes, but, like Marcus, I tend to be brutally honest. I didn’t write it to make money, or to find fame. I wrote it because it was what I, as a reader, wanted to read.

Regardless of how you found your way here, thanks for reading, and thanks in advance if you decide to walk the cold, snowy road to redemption along with Marcus. Now, speaking of cold and snowy, I’m off to take a walk myself. It’s a lovely day here in Antarctica. The wind chill is a mere minus 16 F and the midday skies are black and starry.

And no, I am not making that up.