Media Coverage…Now with More Plague!

Online culture hub Third Coast Digest just posted a Q&A with me about Plaguewalker that I think you’ll enjoy. And please be sure to listen to yesterday’s interview on Milwaukee Public Radio’s Lake Effect. I was told today that I “made the plague enticing” by someone who heard the chat. Stay tuned for more media coverage as all of Milwaukee celebrates National International Intergalactic Plaguewalker Week.

And, if you’re finding the egomaniacal focus of this website increasingly irksome, trust me, you’re not alone. I really do not enjoy talking, typing, musing and hyping about myself. But then, as the ever-wise Boromir said:

On The Radio, Whoa-oa-oa-oa on the Radio

If you didn’t get to hear me talking about Plaguewalker this morning on Lake Effect, one of the great programs on Milwaukee’s public radio station WUWM (89.7 FM), you can listen to it online. My interview is the final segment, starting around the :45 mark, but the whole hour is interesting and informative.

You can also get a behind the scenes glimpse of taping the segment, including why I grin like a crazy person when discussing rotting corpses and death, over at my main site, Hint: it has something to do with nuns.

New Ways to Contract The Plague

If you think I have a whole heap of groan-worthy plague puns just waiting for the right moment, you’re correct.

Since leaving Norway and returning to Milwaukee earlier this month, I’ve been busy on a number of fronts, including getting ready for the official intergalactic launch of Plaguewalker on Friday, 26 October, at Boswell Book Company (the link will take you to Boswell’s general upcoming events page. Check it out. They bring in a wealth of great authors from near and far). Part of that includes doing press, something I have discovered I don’t particularly enjoy.

Like Marcus, I’m an introvert who prefers to do my work quietly, without fanfare. Also, like Marcus, I prefer to be the one asking the questions.

That said, much thanks are in order to a number of media outlets that are covering Plaguewalker‘s launch. I’ll post links as they become available but, if you’re in Milwaukee airspace, so to speak, please tune in to WUWM (89.7 FM) and its Lake Effect program at 10 a.m. Monday, 22 October. My segment isn’t scheduled to air until the second half of the program, but as a longtime Lake Effect listener, I can promise you the whole show will be intelligent and entertaining.

It was a strange experience, after years of listening to and loving the show, to be sitting in the studio–an actual, serious radio studio–for the taping yesterday, but Stephanie is great at her job and made me feel comfortable. I do worry that I seem like a crazy person when I start talking about the voices in my head, but she promised to make me sound good. It should be available online if you can’t catch it Monday morning; I’ll post that link as well.

I hope to see you either at Boswell next Friday or the following day, when I share billing with award-winning author Paul McComas at a Halloweeny author reading at Wauwatosa Public Library (I’ll post their link when it’s live). But if you’re not in the area, you can still catch the plague (ahem). The awesome folks at Boswell (they are incredibly supportive of local authors) will get you a signed copy of the novel if you order it in advance (before 25 October) here.

This is important: when you get to the checkout page that asks for your billing and mailing address, you’ll see an “Order Comments” box. Please indicate that you want me to sign the book, and specify any particular inscription you’d like me to use when personalizing your copy (within reason!).

Stay tuned for more ways to get your hands on a signed copy of Plaguewalker, as well as where to get a special Halloween treat from me next week–in part to thank you for support, but also because Halloween is the most bestest holiday EVER! (you’re shocked I think this, I’m sure.)

Plaguewalker In The Flesh!

My time in arctic Norway is coming to a close, which makes me sad–but the great news is that I’ll be returning to Milwaukee in a week to gear up for Plaguewalker‘s official launch on October 26, with a very special “tag team of terror” reading with fellow author Paul McComas the following day.

If you’re in the southeastern Wisconsin area–or if you’ve got a lot of frequent flyer miles and like Marcus a lot–please come say hello at one of the events and let me know you’ve visited this site.

Reading and Book Signing, 7 p.m. Friday, October 26 at Boswell Books, 2559 N. Downer Ave., Milwaukee: This is it, folks, the official worldwide, dare I say galactic launch of Plaguewalker thanks to the fine folks at Boswell, who have been so supportive of local authors. As someone who is only slightly less introverted than Marcus, I am kind of dreading the actual public part of this, but I promise to drink too much coffee and be entertaining in a wild, rambly kind of way.

Tag Team of Terror Reading, 2 p.m. Saturday, October 27 at the Wauwatosa Public Library, 7635 W. North Ave., Wauwatosa: I’ll be doing another reading, another over-caffeinated ramble and signing any copies of Plaguewalker thrust in my direction, but this time I’ll be sharing billing with award-winning author Paul McComas, who penned Unforgettable, Planet of the Dates and Unplugged. Paul was an early supporter of Plaguewalker and has been a great mentor. His writing is an addictive blend of sci-fi, horror and comedy, with his native Wisconsin often featuring as both place and character.

I’ve got a few other projects in the works for Plaguewalker and am almost finished with the final edit of The War’s End, so watch this space for more announcements. Thanks as always for reading and please say hello later this month at Boswell Books or the Tosa Public Library!